WonderLab Exhibition at the Hyokeikan, Tokyo National Museum, Japan, from 12 September to 26 November 2017

15 French art masters have been selected as “living national treasures” in order to create and exhibit. From precious metal craft to ceramics, from feather work to tortoiseshell work, as well as works in glass, leather, straw, paper or textiles, the excellence and the diversity of French arts and crafts are, for the first time, exhibited to the Japanese public.

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Footprints of animal silhouettes built into the glass march and walk together towards the future. “Tomorrow” deals with the fragility of living species and their sustainability, and globally the urgent need to protect and take care of all the species needed for biodiversity and for mankind on earth.

9 glass tiles of 1m by 40cm ware installed in the form of a frieze in the heart of the Tokyo National Museum.


« Tomorrow », July 2017, though the commissions of Ateliers Loire

Other work in progress : “The Vine”

In reference to Mother Earth, InEdito is currently working on the artistic realisation of a glass stele representing the print of a vine-stock. This work measuring 2m50 in height by 1m wide will be framed by a metallic structure so that it can be exhibited to include an architectural project.