Telling the story of the living

At the heart of the InEdito universe lies the history of people and humanity. In solidarity with mankind and the world, this adventure is both personal and universal. At the heart of the soul, a story is born and in the heart of the material, engraved history becomes creation. The imprint of the living on the material creates a durable contemporary work, conveying messages, values and meaning. The combination of ancient communication techniques with various materials – porcelain, metal, wood, or glass – results in the final creation, a work focused on the future. It intimately marries a personality and an identity in order to share and transmit in a new way, in a world of art that is both precious and rare. With its glowing nature, it aims to reveal the deepest values of humanism and universality.


Within InEdito, Gerard Desquand and Sophie Renoir create narrative works and unique pieces permeated with memory. Custom creations, Inedito’s contemporary and timeless works of art cater to companies or individuals, all sensitised to the idea of rooting their history differently in time and in humanity’s history. Inedito provides an opportunity for a person to leave their imprint and transmit artistically in another way what is important to them.

roulage vigne