InEdito applies the medium of prints to tell the story of living people in areas as diverse as contemporary art, architecture and interior design.

Gérard Desquand and Sophie Renoir are cultivating the taste for primitive arts and draw their inspiration from native arts, and Romanesque art which have the crudeness and intensity of that which is real. They are inspired by art from our origins and experiment with print work on various materials such as clay, porcelain, metal, stone, wood and glass. A story leads them towards choosing one or more materials, those which will best reveal the authentic and luminous force of the subject matter or the living person. Due to the fact that the material sublimates the idea and the print left behind reveals a specific meaning, InEdito patiently studies materials, their volume, their surfaces and sometimes the relevance of their association, to find the appropriate medium or mediums which will make the sense of the “story” resonates.